Research and Development facility

GGS strongly believes research and development is key for producing superior quality product and maintaining market share. This has helped in achieving several milestones. GSS is equipped with two state-of-the-art R&D facilities to carry out crop performance testing programme. Our research team strives to develop suitable hybrids for diverse market requirements. Major emphasis is on regional preferences, adaptability, disease resistance, yield, taste and shelf life. The product development team acts in close co-ordination with R&D and marketing and conducts trials, extensively in the farmer's fields before releasing to the market. Close interaction of marketing & product development team with the farmers ensures that best products reach the farmer. GSS has been playing an important role in delivering biotechnology crop to farmers. The biotechnology applications in the fields have delivered significant economic benefits to the farmers and plays an important role in improving human health. Better crop pest and disease tolerance, fewer pesticide application, better nutritive value and higher yield are few of the benefits that biotechnology crops can deliver.